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OK, here's the story on this buggy. It belongs to a guy who was my neighbor when I lived out in the country. He was/is a tree cutter and I traded work with him to get this buggy running a couple of years ago when he first got it. I put a good used 1600 DP in it and fixed the wiring and brakes and he used it for about a year running around the woods. The starter bushing went out and he parked it since I had moved into town and there was nobody out there to fix it. It sat for about a year until he tracked me down (you can run but you can't hide) and asked me to sell it for him. Now it's killing grass in my backyard. Here's what I know about the condition it's in now:

In my opinion, somebody that knew what they were doing could spend around $500 on this car and get it in pretty servicable shape. If it stays here much longer I'll probably wind up rebuilding it and ask about $2000 for it. The buggy is in Hot Springs Arkansas, right in the middle of the state.