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The True Tale of Manyringding the One Legged Scout


    Long ago, in a land they call Noohamshur, a new scout was born to the Tribe of Rokon. While still a young brave the scout left his tribe and followed the Great River south in search of adventure. When he reached the land of the Ouachitas he was accepted into the tribe of the Furstoners. When he joined the tribe he was held in great esteem and given the finest lodge and the best foods. He was pampered and bathed by the chiefs squaw and the chief himself would introduce him to everyone who came to his lodge and he would brag of the scouts power and skill. Life was very good for the young scout and he was happy in his heart.

    Early on the scout had many adventures and did great battle with the spirits of the earth and of the water. He would scale the highest mountains where only the cougar would dare to go and he would hunt the towering forests and slay the bear and the deer. It was during this time that the scout earned his name. All scouts had a distinctive war cry and he was no different. While running through the forests or doing battle he would cry "RING-DING-DING-DING-DING!!!!!! RING-DING-DING-DING-DING!!!!!!". And so he was called Manyringding.

    But as the years went by and the battles began to take their toll Manyringding fell from the grace of the chief. He no longer got the best foods and many nights he had to sleep outside in the rain and the snow. He still tried to be a good warrior but the constant battles and his poor treatment at the hands of his once beloved chief were slowly wearing him down. His once bright war paint was now faded and scarred, his moccasins were worn bare, even his mighty heart was ailing and he no longer had his once great strength.

    Then one day, while struggling mightily in battle with the spirits of the rocks, his leg was broken and his chief said "I have no use for a one legged scout" and so he was carried back to the chiefs lodge and banished to the cave where the chief kept his horses.

    There Manyringding lay for many years with no one to keep him company but the horses and the spiders. He kept hoping that the chief would come and get him and take him to see the medicine man so that he might regain the use of his bad leg, but it was not to be.

    Slowly Manyringding faded, his skin turned mottly brown and scaley, his blood began to grow thick and foul, his friends the spiders spun their webs in his hair and the wasps built their nests in his nostrils and ears. Finally Manyringding closed his eyes and slept.

    The Great Star Wheel slowly turned and the seasons came and went. A new chief named Little Bill, who was also a medicine man, came to the land of the Ouachitas. Chief Little Bill had heard of the prowess of the warrior scouts of the tribe of Rokon and wished to find one to help him do battle with the spirits of the earth. He sent a smoke signal to the Great Chief of the Rokons asking for a young warrior scout but the Great Chief wanted many ponys and wampum for his scouts and although brave and wise chief Little Bill was also poor.

    So chief Little Bill went searching for an older scout that might be looking to join a new tribe. He spoke with many chiefs but they had no wish to lose their scouts or they wanted too much wampum for Chief Little Bills meager purse. Then one day Chief Little Bill met the Chief of the Furstoners and the Chief told him of Manyringding the one legged scout whom he had banished to the cave where he kept his horses. The Chief of the Furstoners said that he was tired of the scout and would part with him cheaply. Chief Little Bill was very excited to hear this news and asked if he might meet this scout.

    When they reached the cave of the horses and Chief Little Bill saw the sad condition of poor Manyringding his heart fell. Even though he was a wise medicine man Chief Little Bill was not sure if even he could save the pitifull scout from the death that was hovering over him. So with a heavy heart Chief Little Bill went back to his lodge and spoke to the spirits of Cyberspace in search of a scout that would join his tribe.

    For many days and nights Chief Little Bill went with little food or sleep and his squaw berated him for his foolish quest. Then late one night while the owls slept and the moon was low in the sky the Spirits of Cyberspace showed Chief Little Bill a sign. He was shown the village of a great Shaman Chief named Rokonbob of the tribe Leatherneck . Chief Rokonbob lived on a far away island in the middle of the Great Blue Water but with the help of the Spirits of Cyberspace he was able to speak with other Chiefs and Shamans anywhere in the world and even show them visions of his magic.

    All that night Chief Little Bill explored the village of Chief Rokonbob. He saw visions of many warrior scouts and their mighty brothers the trailbreakers. He heard many tales of their great powers and skill and he learned much wisdom of the way of the tribe of Rokon. At last Chief Little Bill awoke from his vision and returned to the lodge of the Chief of the Furstoners where he gave the Chief a few wampum for his unwanted scout. Placing Manyringding into his travois Chief Little Bill began to have doubts of his skills as a medicine man in healing the sick and injured scout but he was determined to try for he saw that although the scout was close to death he yet possesed a strong spirit.

    When Chief Little Bill got back to his village he took Manyringding to his medicine lodge and began the slow difficult magic of restoring the scouts health. Manyringding still slept but he was aware of a difference in his dream and began to feel hope for the first time in many moons.

    Chief Little Bill began his arcane work. Offering up a prayer to the Spirits who watch over medicine men he gently peeled back Manyringdings tattered skin and exposed the broken bones that lay beneath. Muttering under his breath and cursing the Chief of the Furstoners he consulted his sacred scrolls for the spells and knowledge he would need for his task. As he worked he saw what a mighty warrior Manyringding had been and was determined to save him. Long he toiled, first he removed Manyringdings bent and broken bones and cleaned and straightened them, then he covered them with a magic powder to make them strong and tough. He drained all of Manyringdings blood and replaced it with a secret potion distilled from the sinthetiks plant. However when he came to Manyringdings heart he was dismayed at the damage he found. It was beyond his powers to repair. When he inspected Manyringdings broken leg he discovered that not only was it broken but the Chief of the Furstoners, in a drunken rage, had thrown parts of it away and lost them. And so again, with a heavy heart, Chief Little Bill returned to his lodge and slept.

    As he slept Chief Little Bill dreamed. He dreamed he was struggeling up a steep rocky slope weighted down with many burdens and as he stopped to catch his breath a fierce Timber Wolf came up and sat down beside him. Strangely feeling no fear, Chief Little Bill said to the wolf "Who are you and why do you come to me now ?" "I am the Spirit Guide of Manyringding", the wolf replied "I have been watching you trying to heal Manyringding and I come to offer you the help of the Spirit World."

    "What more can I do ?" asked Chief Little Bill. "I have tried my best but it is beyond my powers", he wailed. "His heart is very damaged and he is missing one leg entirely."

    "I have known Manyringding since he first left the tribe of the Rokons", said the wolf,"and he has been a great and brave warrior all of his life. Go back to your lodge and ask the Spirits of Cyberspace for help once again and I will aid you." And with that the great wolf sprang to the top of a nearby boulder and disappeared.

    Chief Little Bill awoke from his dream and immediately started a fire under his magic Makuntosh. With flying fingers he wove his spells and sent his smoke to the land of the Cyber Spirits. "Help me", he implored, "I must save this mighty scout from death and I need your help !" Far away on his distant island Chief Rokonbob, the Great Chief and Shaman of the Leathernecks, heard Chief Little Bills' cry for help. Wise in the ways of the tribe of Rokon, with many scouts and trailbreakers in his tribe, the Great Chief answered, "I cannot give you any hearts or legs because I need them for my own warriors, but I will give you something to help you save this brave scout, I will give you KNOWLEDGE." And Chief Rokonbob was as good as his word. He told Chief Little Bill ancient and forgotten lore of the tribe of Rokon and showed him visions of other scouts that had been saved from death. He was taught spells and incantations and shown visions from dusty scrolls from the tribe of Rokon that were written during the time of the legendary and mysterious Great Chief Orlal. Chief Little Bill was amazed and delighted at the amount of knowledge he was given.

    "Your task is not impossible" Chief Rokonbob said, "but it will not be easy. Speak with the Great Medicine Man Unimog who lives far to the north in the land of snow beside the Great Blue Water. He is a good man and he will help you."     Taking his new knowledge Chief Little Bill thanked the Great Chief Rokonbob and went in search of the Medicine Man Unimog.

    Once again sending his smoke to the Spirits of Cyberspace, Chief Little Bill cried out " UNIMOG! UNIMOG! Oh, great and wise Unimog I need your help!" Far to the north in the land of snow beside the Great Blue Water the Medicine Man Unimog stirred in his cave. "Who disturbs my peace?" he rumbled in his grating voice, "What do you want and why do you wake me?"

    "Oh great and wise Unimog my name is Chief Little Bill and I am seeking your help to save the life of a brave scout who was greviously injured in a great battle with the spirits of the earth. His last Chief sorely misused him and when he was wounded he was cast aside to die. I would save him but my powers are not great enough. The Great Chief Rokonbob has given me the gift of KNOWLEDGE but I still seek a heart and a leg for this poor scout. I have sought you out because the Great Chief Rokonbob said that you were a good man and that you might help me in my quest."     "I know of this Great Chief of whom you speak" the old Medicine Man replied, "and I would like to help you but alas I cannot. I need the hearts and legs that I have for my own warriors and I have none to spare. But I will give you this advice, go you into the wilderness and look you among the other Chiefs of your own kind, perhaps they will have what you seek." And with that the Medicine Man Unimog lowered his hoary head and began to snore loudly.

    Not a little disappointed but with renewed hope Chief Little Bill began his search anew. Armed with his new KNOWLEDGE and with the sage advice of the Medicine Man Unimog, Chief Little Bill sent his smoke into the wilderness. He searched high and he searched low, he spoke to many Chiefs and traveled down many trails but he could not find what he was seeking. And all this time the injured Manyringding slept in the medicine lodge and dreamed of the times that were.

    Chief Little Bill became despondent. He could not eat, he could not sleep. Even his pretty young sqaw could not rouse him from his sorrow. He decided to try speaking to Manyringdings' Spirit Guide the Timber Wolf. After all, the Spirit Guide had said that he would help him to heal the poor scout but he was no closer to that end than before.

    Taking his pipe Chief Little Bill went to his sweat lodge. There he spoke the magic words and performed the ancient rituals. Surrounded in a cloud of aromatic smoke with sweat streaming from his pores Chief Little Bill cried out, " Oh Great and Powerful Timber Wolf, show me a Sign!" And the Wolf appeared to him hovering in the smoke before his eyes. "Why have you called me?" the Wolf asked. "My brother Spirits and I were hunting elk in the land of Great Snow and it was just getting interesting."

    "Oh Great Wolf",Chief Little Bill cried,"I have sought the world over for a new heart and a new leg for Manyringding but I have failed in my quest. I have spoken with the Great Chief Rokonbob and I have spoken with the Medicine Man Unimog but although they gave me great KNOWLEDGE and sage advice still your brave scout lies mortally wounded in my medicine lodge."

    "Unimog?" the Wolf said shaking his head."I didn't know that old fart was still alive." The Great Wolf slowly solidified out of the smoke until he was sitting next to Chief Little Bill with one paw resting around his shoulders. Taking the pipe, the Great Wolf inhaled deeply and coughed "You must have more patience. What you seek is not easily found. I said that I would help you and I am a Wolf of My word. Be patient and the Spirit World will aid you. By the way, nice pipe." And taking Chief Little Bills' pipe as an offering the Great Wolf dissolved back into the smoke and rose up through the hole in the top of the sweat lodge and was gone.

    Throwing a blanket around his bare shoulders Chief Little Bill went back to his lodge. Feeling somewhat better he proceeded to eat all of the berrys and honey his sqaw had gathered the previous summer. When he could find no more he lay down on his blankets to sleep. "Did you find what you were looking for in the sweat lodge?" his sqaw asked as he pulled her towards him for the first time in many moons. "I think so" he replied reaching for the hem of her skirt. "I'm glad" she said," By the way, where's your pipe?" "Wolf took it," he replied, and with that Chief Little Bill began to feel like his old self.

    The next day Chief Little Bill was working around his lodge doing the things he had neglected to do while on his quest. As he was resting from his labors his sqaw came out of their lodge and called "Honey! There is a message from some Chief on your Spirit box and he wants to talk to you." Chief Little Bill went into his lodge and picked up the Spirit box. "Hello? Can I help you?" he asked.

    "I heard that you were seeking scouts to join your tribe" the other Chief answered. "I am too busy with my sqaw and papooses and building a new lodge and I don't hunt as much as I used to. So I have two scouts who are looking for a new tribe" said the other Chief. "I can't afford two scouts for I am a Chief without much wampum" Chief Little Bill replied. "What I'm really looking for is a new heart and leg for my own scout who lies wounded in my medicine lodge."

    "Well, why didn't you say so" replied the other Chief. "I have an extra heart that came from one of my sky warriors of the Bendiks tribe who died while fighting the spirits of the air. And I have the body of an old scout who was also a great warrior until the son of a neighboring Chief killed him. I will gladly give them to you as a present. Perhaps if you are a gifted Medicine Man you can use the bones of my dead warriors to heal your scout. Come to my lodge and we will speak further."     Scarcely believing his luck Chief Little Bill jumped on his faithfull pony Jimmy and rode to the lodge of the generous Chief. When he arrived, the other Chief, who was called Waynelindsey, took him to his medicine lodge and showed him the bodies of the dead warriors. "This is the heart from my sky warrior" said Chief Waynelindsey. "It is a magic heart and is stronger than the hearts of my other warriors. I was going to give it to one of them but I do not know the proper spells and anyway I no longer hunt and they will be going to new tribes soon." Walking to the back of his medicine lodge he took down some baskets from a shelf and spread the contents on the floor. "These are the bones of the dead scout that was killed by the young son of a neighboring Chief. He threw them behind his lodge but I took them in case my warriors were wounded in battle. But I no longer hunt and they will be going to new tribes soon so I won't be needing these anymore. You are welcome to them if you think they will help your sick scout."

    Thanking the generous Chief Waynelindsey, Chief Little Bill carried the bones of the dead warriors outside to his pony where he reverently tied them on his travois. As he was preparing to leave Chief Waynelindsey asked if he would like to meet the two warriors who were looking for a new tribe. "Yes" replied Chief Little Bill. "Even though I don't have enough wampum to take them to my tribe I would still like to meet experienced warriors and to hear their tales."

    So with that they walked around the back of the medicine lodge where Chief Waynelindsey introduced Chief Little Bill to his warriors. And what warriors they were! One was a very young scout with bright red war paint and the other was a proud old trailbreaker with a likeness of his Spirit Guide the Desert Rat tattooed on his forehead. "These are my warriors", Chief Waynelindsey said proudly. "The young scout has not been in my tribe very long and lacks much experience. Desert Rat has been with my tribe for a long time and we have had many great adventures together. I know you are a Chief without much wampum but I think you have a good heart to take such care of an old wounded scout. I think my warriors would be very happy in your tribe so give me what wampum you have and take Desert Rat and his young brother with you."

    And so, with an empty purse and a full heart Chief Little Bill returned to his lodge with his new warriors and the new heart and leg for Manyringding. That night Chief Little Bill gave his thanks to the Great Spirit Wolf and promised to never doubt the power of the Spirit World again. He thought he heard a wolf howl in the forest but it might have been the wind.

    Once more Chief Little Bill went into his medicine lodge and began his labors over Manyringding. He took the mighty heart from the fallen sky warrior and under the flickering lights he used his new KNOWLEDGE and his skills as a medicine man to make it beat once more. Chanting and dancing he took the bones of the dead scout and built a strong new leg for his patient. Muttering arcane words under his breath and weaving his hands in mysterious patterns he applied fresh war paint to the face of the scout. Black, black as the night that the Great Timber Wolf ruled and silver like the points of His fur when it stood up on his neck as he stalked his prey. On into the night and into the days that followed Chief Little Bill worked his magic. Finally he placed a special pair of new moccasins on the feet of the healed scout and said the words that would wake Manyringding from his long sleep.

    Slowly Manyringding stirred. He felt different, his heart beat stronger than he remembered. His legs felt different too. Looking down he saw TWO LEGS! And on his feet were new moccasins that gripped the ground much better than his old ones. He leaned over a bowl of water in the medicine lodge and at first didn't recognize the face of the warrior that gazed back at him as his own. The war paint was different but somehow it seemed to fit the way he felt. So handsome and yet so fierce! Truly the face of a Great Warrior! He felt STRONG! He felt ALIVE!

    Turning around with the speed and grace of a timber wolf Manyringding beheld a kindly Chief with two warriors standing beside him. "Greetings Brother" said the two warriors. "Welcome To My Tribe" said the Chief. And Manyringding knew happiness once more.

The Beginning..........