The frame and wheels are back from the powder coaters and they sure do look purty :-). At first I was a little leary of spending the $$$$ to have this done but now I'm really glad that I did. The finish is better than the best paint job I could have gotten and it is a MUCH more durable and rust resistant coating than regular enamel paint. The powder is applied using an electrostatic charge kind of like chrome plating. When this stuff sticks it REALLY sticks. I will be using this stuff again.
  The outfit I used was The Wright Corporation and they are a really nice group of guys (and one VERY pretty secretary :-) . They specalize mainly in industrial coating on things like pumps and weedeaters, however they do take on small jobs from time to time. They were very patient with all of my questions and when I mentioned that I was documenting this project on a web site they agreed to take pictures of the process for me. So here are the pics.
  In the next chapter I'll be building the motor. I lucked onto an 82026 PowerBee out of an ultralite, in like new condition, and I've been in contact with EJ at EJCREATIONS about breathing some fire on this little gem. EJ designs and builds national race winning engines for the US820 Kart series. This ought to prove interesting :-).
Stay Tuned !

Here's everything after being sandblasted. There WAS metal under all that rust and corruption ! :-)
Applying the coating. I'd like to get one of these rigs if they didn't cost a kazillion dollars.
The wheels and front end after coating.
The finished frame. BIG difference.
Before and after pics of the wheels.
Before and after pics of the frame.

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Chapter Four
Our Hero Takes Steroids

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