Here are some pictures of the bike as I got it. Sorry about the quality of the pictures " Dammit Jim !, I'm a mechanic ! Not a photographer ! " . This page covers the initial survey of the bikes general condition. The next installment will cover the complete teardown and clean up and will be a more in-depth assessment of specific components.
Stay Tuned !

Here we see the Scout as I got it. I dusted it off and scared away most of the spiders(Ihope).
The original belt was still on it but I will be replacing it with a new one. The clutch and torque convertor appear to be in remarkably good shape.
Here's a shot of the left side. It still has the fiberglass belt cover. The exhuast system is in remarkable shape with no holes and only surface rust. The seat bottom is rotted away and the cover stitching is rotten but it will make a good pattern. I'd like to find a solo seat.
The heart of the Scout, a Chrysler PowerBee. You can't tell by the picture but the air filter is actually a piece of red flannell shirt material glued to the air filter basket. Check out the antique boat motor pull start handle !
The cause of all my heartache, the front miter box , brake assembly and driveshaft are missing :-(.
Here's a good shot of the front, it has the original Goodyear Hilander tires. They are in very good shape and I will probably use them.
The plunger transmission. I thought it had a bad second gear but after working the plunger a few times it started shifting like butter. I do plan on replacing the seals and grease. The sprocket looks like new. The brake disc is rusty but usable and the pucks have a lot of material left. The actuator pins are stuck but a little WD 40 ought to fix that.
Here's another shot of the belt cover. It has one small crack near the bottom center and some minor road rash. I will be looking for replacement decals for the whole bike. Right now I'm leaning toward a stock color scheme for the repaint and I really want the original style decals.
I'm pretty sure this is the original rear brake lever. It is in good shape and I will reuse it. I will be looking for its' mate for the front brake.
The rear wheel and sprocket are in good condition although the chain is just about rusted solid. I will probably be replacing all of the wheel bearings.
I don't know if I'll be able to save the original throttle. It is frozen solid to the handlebar. I will try to save it but we'll see.
Here's a shot of the frame number. It is S2037. Guru Bob informs me that this makes the Scout a 76 model. Too bad it's not a Bicentenial Limited Edition.

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Chapter Two
Our Hero Bares His Secrets

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