Well, I'm finally putting Manyringding back together. This project turned out to be a lot more involved than I had anticipated but it was still fun. I had originally planned a simple restoration back to stock but wound up modifying just about everything.
  I replaced every nut,bolt,screw,seal,bushing and bearing on the bike. I used stainless steel whenever I could. I even had stainless brake rotors custom made. I rebuilt the transmission and miter box and added vents, I added grease zerks to the steering head bolts, changed the output sprockets from 9 tooth to 11 tooth, rebuilt the motor to racing kart specs, custom made an expansion chamber exhaust, replaced the handle bars, mounts, controls, cables and throttle with parts off a Suzuki motocross bike, mounted ATV tires and rebuilt the torque convertor.   I still have to make a seat, rubber isolate the fuel tank, build motor guards and folding footpegs.  
Stay Tuned !

I had originally planned to do a whole section on rebuilding the transmission but this is the only picture that turned out. I replaced all eight bearings and all five seals plus the output sprocket. I also bead blasted the case, added a vent and used stainless steel hardware.
If you look closely you can see the reverse pull throttle cable that I fabricated for the HL334 carb.
Here's a shot of the custom expansion chamber I built. It is VERY loud but it really adds punch to the motor.
A shot of the right side of the motor.
I used Carlisle Trailwolf tires. They are 8x25x12 tubeless.
A pic from the left front.
A closeup of the stainless rotors.
A shot of the front rotor. You can also see the extra outer cable and rubber accordian dust boot.
A view of the new handle bars and controls. Most of this stuff came off Suzuki motocross bikes. The throttle is 1/4 turn lock to lock.

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Chapter Six
It's Alive !!

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